AECI SprayPave Building on the benefits of using ground tyre rubber (GTR) – EBR (Extended Bitumen Rubber)

AECI Much Asphalt subsidiary AECI Spraypave has built on the benefits of using ground tyre rubber (GTR) in asphalt through technology that makes the end product even more attractive.

Not only is AECI Spraypave now manufacturing binder containing ground tyre rubber in-house, but it is using technology that adds significantly to the shelf life of the binder and saves energy costs.

In 2020 AECI Spraypave commissioned a new mobile blending unit, currently located at its Cape Town facility, that can produce bitumen at a rate of 25 t/hour incorporating 25% rubber crumbs sourced from waste tyres. AECI Spraypave’s Quality and R&D Manager based at the Alberton plant, Danashia Munsamy, says the new plant is using between 50 and 150 tons of waste rubber from tyres per month depending on orders for its rubber bitumen product, EBR (Extended Bitumen Rubber).

“The EBR blends are produced on an order basis and demand has significantly increased in the second half of 2021,” she says. “We are using revolutionary technology that combines rubber crumbs with other additives to give the bitumen longer shelf life, and at the same time build moisture resistant, long lasting and maintenance free roads.”

Through the manufacture of EBR, Spraypave is reducing its carbon footprint, energy consumption and emissions. Spray temperatures are lower and the product has reduced viscosity and longer workability than conventional GTR mixes.
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