What we offer

SprayPave offers a wide range of products and services to meet all surfacing needs. We are committed
to providing clients with innovative solutions and quality projects, on time and at the right price.

  • Manufacturer of emulsions to SANS standards
  • Technical on-site support
  • Conversions of 70/100 to
    50/70 penetration grade bitumen
  • Quality assurance
  • Product supply via mobile modified emulsion plant
  • Product supply via mobile emulsion plant
  • Product supply, delivery & spray application
    by tanker or drummed delivery

Manufacturing Facilities

SprayPave’s facilities are equipped with fully calibrated weigh bridges and state-of-the-art plants for the manufacturer of emulsions, primes and pre coats, as well as modified binders. All products are subject to extensive quality control before leaving our plants and our customer service is enhanced by competitive pricing, optimal lead times and efficient delivery processes. All jobs are subject to the same checks and balances and no job is too small or too large.

Multistage Bitumen Converter

What it does

A multistage bitumen converter acquired from Technix Industries in New Zealand, enables SprayPave to convert bituminous products from one grade to another and therefore enhance the penetration grades of bitumen required for asphalt production.

Technix Industries has been in the bitumen business for over 100 years and is the global leader in bitumen technologies.

The converter uses pressure, heat and air to precisely convert bituminous refinery feedstocks into superior quality bitumen. The softness, penetration index and physical properties of the bitumen can be changed to meet exact design specifications. The converter can modify 70/100 penetration grade bitumen to 50/70 or even 10/20 for high modulus asphalt designs.

The converter can also produce multi grade bitumen with specifications and performance characteristics spanning several penetration grades.

SABS testing has confirmed that 50/70 produced conforms to the SANS 4001-BT1 specification.

Bituminous products manufactured in the converter in Cape Town are available to all asphalt manufacturers. SprayPave can produce modified bitumen at a rate of 20 tonnes per hour.

Monthly Bitumen Prices
Year to date bitumen prices

Our fleet

Sprayer Fleet

Our sprayer fleet consists of:

1 – Sprayer with a capacity of 6000 liter
7 – Sprayers with a capacity of 12000 liter
2 – Sprayers with a capacity of 18000 liter

All our Sprayers are fitted with the Etnyre spraying system.

Etnyre is a leading sprayer system manufacturer. Their products combine more than 100 years of experience with the latest technological advancements provides customers with top performance and reliability.

In 1984 Etnyre introduced the first distributor that automatically adjusts the pump rate when the spray width changes, allowing customers to apply consistent applications of material.

In 1988 Etnyre launched the industry’s first microprocessor-based computerized controls on bitumen distributors, which gave contractors a simpler and faster way to operate. The latest technology of this computerized system is fitted to our sprayers.

bituminous product haulage fleet

Our haulage fleet consists of:

4 – Scania Truck Tractors with Tridem Henred Tanker trailers fitted with double heating flues with a capacity of 28.5 ton

Other available equipment

Static storage tanks on site to store your product (various capacities)
1 – 15m Tridem flatbed trailer with dropside with a capacity of 30 ton