AECI SprayPave – 40 Years of service

AECI Spraypave made its debut in Johannesburg in 1981 to offer binder spraying and hauling services, expanding to include the manufacture of bitumen binders in 2007.

In 2010 the company extended its footprint to KwaZulu-Natal and four years later the Cape Town branch was opened. In 2015 AECI Much Asphalt acquired AECI Spraypave from Basil Read.

The following year AECI Spraypave demonstrated its industry leadership in the commissioning of a unique multistage bitumen converter. This technology, new to the African continent, changes bituminous products from one grade to another, enabling AECI Spraypave to enhance the penetration grades of bitumen required to produce asphalt.

This pioneering technology came at the right time as bitumen shortages were delaying road construction projects and threatening to destabilise South Africa’s essential road infrastructure.

In 2020 AECI Spraypave added scarce 10/20 penetration grade bitumen to its product offering from the converter. 10/20 bitumen is commonly used in the production of high modulus asphalt (EME), which is well suited to high trafficked roads likely to suffer significant fatigue and stress and is only supplied by one South African refinery.

As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we continue our quest to provide the best binder solutions for the South African industry by integrating innovative people with technology.

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